Review 2

  The Man Called Red: An Autobiography of a Guide and Outfitter in Northern British Columbia by N.B. “Red” Sorensen is a hearty story of a man who lived his life to the fullest and who is now sharing his adventures with us. It takes courage to live a life that is potentially dangerous and unknown. Red is among those guys who live for the next big adventure and is unafraid of failing. Since he was 2 month old, horses played a very considerable part of his life. He worked a multitude of jobs, he was a cowboy, a Forest Ranger, helped send a bad politician to jail, created a ranching enterprise, got married, had 6 children, bought a hunting area and did so much more. He lived a fulfilling life, braved many dangers, and came out of it a survivor. He has lived to tell the tales and he is sharing it with us.

  I find myself in awe of this man. He literally is the most inspiring person I ever read about. After reading this book, I almost feel I personally know him. His stories are brave and very good. You just have to admire him for his sheer tenacity to live his life the way he wanted to. And I admire his wife who kept up with him; my mom would have killed my father if he did anything of this sort. It takes a special kind of women to love a man as extraordinary as Red. It was nice knowing both of them through Red’s words.          Rabia Tanveer – Readers Review