About the Book

  At 2months old a horse almost takes his life. Horses become part of his livelihood for the next 60 years.  Follow a boy who works alongside German prisoners of war. At 15, runs away with the circus. Travel the adventure trail to be a Cowboy in the Chilcotin in the heart of the Caribou. Venture’s to the Peace River Country, to become a Forest Ranger.  Is instrumental, sending a politician to jail. Learn how he and his young wife, with 6 small children face the wilderness to build a homestead into a ranching enterprise, 24 miles back in the mountains from the nearest road. Trades, his ranch, for the farthest ranching operation in Northern British Columbia on the Alaska Highway. 

   Has a horse save his life from drowning. Buys a Hunting area, becomes one of the most successful Big Game Outfitter in North America. Bush pilot, walks away from 4 major airplane crashes. Stories, of Hunters adventures in pursuit of Mt. Sheep, Moose, Mt. Caribou, Mt. Goat, Grizzly and Black Bear. Cross’s the Berlin Wall. All this with a wife that stood by him through thick and thin.